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In the southernmost reaches of Europe too, the current of change is flowing. Aspiravi Spain was founded in 2021. Just like France, Spain offers endless opportunities for us to explore when it comes to green and local sources of energy.

Renewable energy in Spain

Our ambition is simple: we want to create a more sustainable world to live in, with fewer carbon emissions and more local energy production. In Spain, we’re mainly looking to do so through wind and solar power, as well as battery projects. The projects we have in development in Spain deliver a combined installed capacity of approximately 300 MW of renewable energy.

Projects in Spain

Discover our projects in Spain
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Ride the current of change

Do you share our ambition to create a more sustainable world to live in? We are your local partner in Spain.

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    "Aspiravi continues to pioneer" This eye-catching title opened the cover article which last week appeared in "Ondernemers" (Entrepreneurs), the magazine from Voka West Flanders. In an in-depth interview, Rik Van de Walle - CEO Aspiravi Holding - provides an insight into the future of the Aspiravi Group and the many opportunities and challenges that will come its way.

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    With a view to further growth of its domestic and foreign activities on the one hand and continuity in its operations on the other, the Aspiravi Group is changing its organisational structure from 01/04/24.

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    Newsletter March 2024

    In the March Aspiravi Group newsletter, we inform you about the cooperation with STIB and the projects under construction in Belgium, Spain and Curaçao.

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    Aspiravi group’s first two solar projects to be built in Spain this year

    Aspiravi Spain will start construction of its first two solar decentralised generation projects in the second quarter of 2024. One project is located in Valladolid, a region northeast of Madrid, where the 'Erica' project will be built with a capacity of 6 MWp. The other project is in the province of Barcelona, where the 'Sant Fruitós' project is being built with a capacity of 3 MWp.

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