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About the Aspiravi Group

A 100% Belgian pioneer in renewable energy, a frontrunner in the energy transition, a producer and supplier of green electricity and heat, all with a long-term vision and a unique participatory approach.

The energy landscape is changing faster than ever before, but we’re keeping up the pace! We will continue to move full power ahead, as we owe it to future generations to show the ambition and drive needed to keep building towards a sustainable future.

Together to a green horizon

Our inspiration
The power of nature and our climate goals.

Our ambition
A sustainable society, today and for generations to come.

Our strength
Experience, knowledge and passion make us the pioneer in the energy transition.

Our core figures

The numbers don't lie: we know how to get things done. The remarkable figures we post for every project are testament to that. Based on in-depth analyses, we provide concrete insight into our results. Together, we're realising green energy projects that contribute to a more sustainable world.

    100% Belgian group of companies
    94 municipal shareholders
    13.000 citizen co-operants
    70 dedicated employees
onshore wind turbines
onshore wind turbines
offshore wind turbines
offshore wind turbines
biomass plants
biomass plants
total installed capacity
1,719.8 MW
total installed capacity
families / year
1.93 million
families / year
of carbon emissions avoided / year
2.37 million tons
of carbon emissions avoided / year

We are your partner in renewable energy

Locally produced

From development and finance to construction and maintenance: for over two decades, we have been passionate about realising renewable energy projects to generate local green electricity.

More about our technologies

Delivered directly to your door

We can supply you with green energy in a number of different ways. Based on your sustainable objectives and energy requirements, we will sit down together to explore the options and work out a proposal tailored to your company.

Kick off your energy transition

Our shareholders

Aspiravi Holding holds 100% of the shares in Aspiravi Offshore II and 84.9% of the shares in Aspiravi, Aspiravi Trading, Aspiravi Energy, Aspiravi Offshore and Aspiravi International. Vlaamse Energieholding (VEH) owns the remaining 15.1% of these companies.

Our double participatory approach

94 municipal shareholders

Four regional holding companies—Creadiv, Efin, Fineg and Nuhma—represent a total of 94 Belgian cities and municipalities. Together with Vlaamse Energieholding (VEH), these entities hold shares in the various companies of the Aspiravi Group. It is they who set the direction of the group and sketch the broad outlines of our strategy. Together with this network of partners, we have charted a unique course since 2002, completing exceptional projects and achieving remarkable results within the renewable energy sector.
Major challenges lie ahead, but we’ve got the ambition to match. The Aspiravi Group is ready to face the future!

Citizens living in the vicinity of our onshore wind power projects in Belgium have the chance to invest with us and share in the revenue generated by our wind power. That way, they can help deliver more local, green energy production, building broad social support for renewable energy. What's more, they also get to enjoy an annual dividend in return for their investment. If you would like to invest in one of our projects as a local resident, you can!

If you would like to invest in one of our projects as a local resident, you can!

Aspiravi has partnered with three cooperatives companies:

All the information you need about how they operate can be found on their websites.

Aspiravi Energy

Aspiravi Energy has been active on the electricity market since 2015 and is able to deliver locally produced, green electricity to citizen co-operants (who hold at least four shares) of the three cooperatives the Aspiravi Group has partnered with. For each megawatt hour consumed, Aspiravi Energy also donates a sum to a charity that works to combat energy poverty or child poverty. Visit the Aspiravi Energy website for more information.

Visit the Aspiravi Energy website for more information
Aspiravi Energy

The Aspiravi Group can rely on strong financial foundations for the further development and realisation of future projects. We communicate transparently about our financial management and the results of the Aspiravi group. The annual accounts of the various group companies are all publicly available via the website of the National Bank of Belgium.