With a view to further growth of its domestic and foreign activities on the one hand and continuity in its operations on the other, the Aspiravi Group is changing its organisational structure from 01/04/24.

All activities of the 100% Belgian Group, active in the renewable energy sector, will be divided into 3 business units :

  • onshore activities in Belgium -> ASPIRAVI ONSHORE BELGIUM
  • onshore activities abroad -> ASPIRAVI ONSHORE INTERNATIONAL
  • offshore activities -> ASPIRAVI OFFSHORE

Mr Rik Van de Walle remains CEO of ASPIRAVI ONSHORE INTERNATIONAL and ASPIRAVI OFFSHORE and, in this role, will continue to oversee foreign activities and the development of offshore wind power projects. He will also retain his position as CEO of the overarching ASPIRAVI HOLDING.

From 1 April, Mr Bernard Steverlynck will become CEO of the ASPIRAVI ONSHORE BELGIUM business unit and will lead and further develop all activities in Belgium from then on. Bernard came on board the Aspiravi Group in 2021 in the position of Business Manager International.

With this change in organisational structure, the Aspiravi Group aims to further organise itself professionally in a strong and rapidly changing energy market, in order to sustain the continued growth of all its activities at home and abroad.