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Put your (work) energy into the energy transition!

Looking for a job that gives you energy every working day? At Aspiravi, we boost your career batteries with green energy! As a financially healthy and 100% Belgian company, we guarantee you job security and a job with responsibility in a progressive sector and in a fast-growing company.

In this way, you contribute to the transition to renewable energy. Our biggest ‘green flag’ as an employer? The informal, yet energetic working atmosphere that promotes collaboration and growth together. Find out in the aftermovie of our team event or one of the other videos below!

Our ‘green flags’ as an employer

Working in the world of green energy means working in a world where employees are valuable. Because in order to achieve the energy transition, we need your talent. And for what, you get what … That is why we offer you a salary that is proportional to this, supplemented with a wide package of fringe benefits.

The ‘classic’ benefits of course (meal vouchers, hospitalisation and group insurance, etc.), but also a lot of unique Aspiravi extras

  • Aspiravi gives you a lot of vacation days. Can be flexibly recorded to recharge the batteries!
  • Thanks to the cafeteria plan offered, you can choose a number of fringe benefits yourself. Electric bike? Want to go on more holiday? It’s up to you.
  • Speaking of energy… We take care of part of your energy bill at home every year!
  • By making teleworking possible, we think about the environment and keep your private life in balance.
  • An electric car is a sustainable plus for certain functions.
  • In a sector that is always on the move, we offer you numerous training opportunities. Hello personal growth.

The above list of benefits is only valid for vacancies in Belgium. For vacancies in other countries, please refer to the information in the vacancy itself.

Here we produce renewable energy working atmosphere!

At Aspiravi we have an informal working atmosphere with short lines of communication. No hierarchical hassle, just nice colleagues who work together independently and enthusiastically in a team towards the same goal: the energy transition.

We attach importance to the physical and mental well-being of our employees. Throughout the year, a program with workshops and exercise moments can be followed (without obligation).

The opinion and input of our colleagues is also indispensable. Anyone who wants to can be part of the working group that comes up with and realises all kinds of ideas.

Finally, we also find it important to meet regularly in a non-work-related context during activities for you and your family.