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Brussels public transport company STIB/MIVB was not only looking for locally produced green energy, but also for medium-term price certainty in a highly volatile market.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

The Aspiravi Group did not offer STIB a ready-made formula, but a solution specifically tailored to their needs and expectations. That solution came in the form of a Corporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) whereby an intermediary is responsible for balancing STIB’s energy supply using locally produced green energy from various Aspiravi wind farms.

Making the energy supply more sustainable

Thibaut Van Vyve – Asset Manager Energy STIB/MIVB: “Thanks to the pleasant contact with the people from Aspiravi and their extensive expertise, it was all in all a very enjoyable experience.  We take particular pride in the fact that by joining forces with a local partner, we can turn our locally sourced energy supply more sustainable. This is a great initiative to support sustainable mobility.”