With the realisation of seven onshore wind turbines, spread over four locations in Belgium, the Aspiravi Group is again making a major contribution to the various climate and renewable energy goals this year. The state of play on the sites at Oostkamp, Diest, Bilzen and Evergem can be followed here.

The construction of two new wind turbines in the confluence of motorways E40/E403 in Oostkamp will probably be finalised by the end of this week. Along the E314 in Diest (one wind turbine) and the E313 in Bilzen (two wind turbines), the preliminary groundwork has been completed and the foundation work will begin in mid-April. Along the R4 in Evergem , preliminary groundwork has started.

Together, these Belgian projects have an installed capacity of more than 26.3 MW and they will produce green power equivalent to the average annual energy consumption of nearly 19,100 households. They will also prevent CO2 emissions of  32,000 tons each year.