Aspiravi has built 2 new wind turbines in the traffic loops of the E40/E403 interchange in Oostkamp. The construction of wind turbines in the middle of an extremely busy traffic infrastructure came with the necessary challenges. All phases of the works went smoothly and today both wind turbines are fully assembled.

Currently, electrical works and commissioning are taking place. The start of the exploitation of the wind turbines is planned for the summer.

Together, the 2 wind turbines will then produce green electricity equivalent to the average consumption of 2,400 families and avoid CO2 emissions of 4,100 tonnes per year. Another great contribution to the realisation of climate objectives set at various policy levels. More local renewable energy not only contributes to the necessary energy transition, but also leads to more energy independence from abroad.

Local residents can co-invest in and enjoy wind energy revenues through the purchase of shares in the Aspiravi Samen cooperative society.

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