Alongside the E40 and near the interchange between the E40 and the E403, on the territory of Oostkamp, Aspiravi has recently built 4 new wind turbines. On Tuesday 11 June, the company therefore invited the 10/12 year-olds from the primary schools of Oostkamp, Loppem, Veldegem, Ruddervoorde and Zedelgem to an experience day on wind energy.

300 primary school children registered. Besides information, 4 converted containers also focus on experience, making it a very instructive experience for the 12-year-olds and their teachers. The children could feel for themselves how hard 2, 4 or 6 Beaufort winds blow, they made a virtual climb to the nacelle of a wind turbine and with their own pedal power they generated energy. The 12-year-olds also got to take a look at the base of one of the new wind turbines.

Through the organisation of wind energy experience days, Aspiravi wants to underline the importance of renewable energy as part of the energy transition and explain that together we can work towards a more sustainable society for future generations. And the youth of Oostkamp could discover that for themselves today!

You can read the full press release (in Dutch) here.
You can see photos from the event here.